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by Maia


Now that the ELC Forums are up and running, please post any questions you may have on the ELC Forums.

Q: I have read your site from A to Z over and over again. And I'm very puzzled. Since I'm from Belgium. English is not my mother tongue and I have some difficulties in understanding. I'm very confused. Can you explain to me in easy-to-understand English who Elvis is? Did I understand correctly? Is he someone just like Jesus? Someone with more knowledge, more strength more love? Is he the light? One last question, which I hope you can answer for me. I need Elvis. When I talk to him can he hear me? When I call upon him can he respond? Is  he aware of those who love him?

A: I believe Elvis as a human being, like us all. However. I also see him to have been (and still is) a human with an extraordinary ability to radiate LOVE. Despite his human imperfections he was dedicated to GOD and therefore was filled with HIS PRESENCE and LIGHT. Elvis had SPIRITUAL INNOCENCE, which allows a person to be RECEPTIVE to the God-Light in everyone and everything. Elvis was very receptive. This made him caring, compassionate and a true seeker of TRUTH and BEAUTY, which he found in every living thing. Elvis had the rare ability to reflect the beauty in our own souls BACK to us.

We can always call upon souls and beings on the other side of the veil for spiritual assistance, just as we can pick of the phone and call our best friend or a family member for encouragement and support. Elvis told Wanda Hill that although he could not possibly respond personally to all his fans in THIS life, he planned to do so once in crossed into the spiritual world, as he knew it would then be possible to be everywhere at once. He intended to be there for each of us when we needed comfort and healing.

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