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Share Your Thoughts on Elvis' Spirituality


"The Light is representative of the sum total of all knowledge. From eons ago, it is held in some vast storage center and is given out to us in small lots, each lot equal to our understanding as we progress and strive mentally and spiritually. Some of us never do progress and so we share little of that knowledge--others strive for education and growth and get more. Some--few, are born ready to receive the knowledge, yearn for it and wish wholeheartedly to obtain it."--Elvis speaking to a group of young people at his home in the 1960's

If you wish to share your thoughts about Elvis' spirituality, and any personal real-life experiences you may have had with him during his lifetime, you can now write about this on the ELC FORUMS. Below are some shared stories I received before the ELC FORUMS were available.



"My first in-person encounter with Elvis was in 1969, when I saw him perform on the stage of the International Hotel (now the Hilton) in Las Vegas. Having been an admirer of Elvis' since the age of thirteen, I went to Vegas for the specific purpose of seeing him perform. In 1969 I was twenty years old and had been involved in my mystical spiritual work for two years. When Elvis appeared before me on that stage for the first time, I knew why I had always felt such love towards him, as well as appreciation for his immense talent. In his physical presence the spiritual grace he commanded was almost supernatural. His unique persona could be compared to a fragrance--illusive, yet moving to the senses and the soul, creating a mood for further anticipation and joy. I am not always able to see auras, but I never had any difficulty seeing Elvis'. In fact, his was the strongest, most brilliant aura I had ever beheld. It was mostly shades of blue, with some violet and deep purple. Very often a shimmering white light encircled these colors. As he began to sing, his auric colors would expand, leaping up from the top of his head. Sometimes I would see Elvis' aura merge with one or more of his singers and musicians on stage. Usually, if he would turn to speak to one, their aura would brighten. I heard stories of others who came to see him from all over the world. There were revelations of miracles among these encounters, which were miracles of Spirit more than flesh, yet I was told of some physical healings as well...." - by Maia Christianne Nartoomid, a co-author of "Blue Star Love ~ From Elvis' Heart To Yours" (quoted from "Blue Star Love" )


"The first time I talked to Elvis by telephone he blanked out my mind completely. I could not remember driving home, going to my sister-in-law's house which was about four miles away, and drew a total blank on which roads I took, if I stopped at signs or lights or what happened for two hours! I woke up at my sister-in-law's house and she was not home. I say that he did it--not the excitement of talking to Elvis Presley. I was not a fan, not that intrigued or anything by him, not familiar with his music, so it was not that....It's just too strange, but from that moment forward Elvis has more or less controlled our life (her's and her family's) , influenced it, molded it, guided it, and still does to a great extent. his presence or influence comes in when we least expect it. He just is and it's always for good. I don't understand it, but then I don't care, either. Our lives only got better for knowing him, for having him so involved yet not involved. I can't explain it--why try?" - by Wanda June Hill, a friend of Elvis' for the last 15 years of his life (quoted from "Blue Star Love" )


Young Elvis

"I remember the first time I met Elvis. It was at a Jimmy Rogers Memorial week-long celebration of Country Music in Meridian, Mississippi. I was the female vocalist for the Jimmy Swan Band and Elvis was almost unheard of at that time. There was a lot of "buzz" about this young "whippersnapper" who was coming on the scene. In fact, Elvis was in attendance at the festival and Jimmy Swan invited him to participate in our portion of the program. Well, our show was the main attraction that evening! I met Elvis again several years later in Memphis. I had signed a recording contract with a record company (Jimmy Clanton Records) that was a subsidiary of United Artists Records. Side A was to be cut at Fernwood Studios in Memphis. Side B was to be cut in New Orleans for the particular "sound" of the New Orleans studio. Other artists at the studio that particular weekend were Jerry Lee Lewis and a group called The Cupids. We were working in the studio when, about midnight, Elvis dropped by the studio. We ended up at his home for breakfast!

The last time I saw Elvis was while on a business trip to Los Angeles. I stepped on the elevator to go down for dinner and there was Elvis! We laughed, hugged, greeted each other, and went our way. I can still feel the wonderful closeness that seemed to be shared during our meetings. He was such a gentleman-so courteous and polite. And so filled with light that it seemed to scintillate from his features. It was like volumes could pass through the eye contact with no words spoken. Wonderful memories." - Rebekah


An Elvis Concert

An Elvis concert is much more than a musical show. It is a religious happening. People screamed at his every movement. It was like there was electricity in the air. Like if, when he moved, he created an electrical shock that went through everyone in the audience. You were literally transformed and drawn to his magnetism. You laughed, you cried, and most of all, you felt his love. It was sweet and exciting and marvelous. From the anxiety and anticipation when you heard the notes of the "2001 A Space Odyssey" to the sadness and despair when the band started to play "Can't Help Falling In Love" and you knew soon he would be gone. In between, you forgot any problems in your personal life, any hurt or disappointment, anything wrong with your health...anything and everything was forgotten, and everyone else ceased to exist for those 80 or so minutes. Here you were and there was Elvis... and life was wonderful!



Wanda June Hill relates her memories of a couple's meeting with Elvis

I had the chance to talk to a lady and her husband in Vegas on one trip over there-it was in the mid 70's. They were going up to their rooms, the elevator was late coming down and she had some Elvis memento's in her hands. I commented on the beautiful picture of him on one and she showed me some of the things and her husband said, "don't mind her, she's still reeling from meeting him yesterday!" As she was very shaky and almost dropped her stuff. She immediately beamed and said, "He was coming down the hall way on our floor-we didn't even know he was on that floor (her husband broke in saying he changed elevators and got off there to go somewhere else but was on the wrong floor). His wife continued saying Walt was unlocking our door, I heard that laugh, you know THAT laugh, and we both looked to see who did it and it was HIM! He stopped, gave me that look, you know that look! And said, you're the lady gave me this!" and he pulled the gold chain out of his shirt-He was wearing the chain we bought for him! He came over and I think he looked into my eyes, (she was so flustered her face was bright red telling me) and I think he whispered in my ear, he said, "Can I hug you?" And then he was hugging me, I've never been hugged like that! It was like my daddy hugged me when I was little, so comforting, safe and I don't remember anything else!" Her husband said Elvis kept his arm around her because she was on the verge of fainting, he asked her name he said laughing, but she couldn't remember it! So he told him and they shook hands and Elvis said, "Sir, she's a nice woman, good looking too. Made a good choice sir." And then he went on down and got on the other elevators. Her husband said, he had never seen any man as handsome, as beautiful as Elvis. His wife agreed, of course! Her husband impressed me because of the way he said what he said, excitedly, but most of all respectfully and with the intention of making sure I understood Elvis was a nice guy, special and not stuck on himself. His wife was very pretty, in her 50's and not perfect, a bit chubby but she was dressed nice and had very soft loving eyes. Elvis noticed her eyes I'm sure. She mentioned that and so did her husband, he said, he was impressed how Elvis looked him in the eyes when he spoke, and shook his hand. And both said Elvis thanked them twice for the necklace-her for thinking of him, her husband for getting it for him. And he told them he'd "treasure it, keep it always." I'll bet that he did too. Now, the couple was in Vegas as his wife had just learned she had cancer that had spread to her liver from her ovaries-surgery would do no good and she was starting chemo soon, always wanted to go to Vegas and both wanted to see Elvis perform, so they went before her treatments started. The necklace the picked out and she gave Elvis who was on stage and knelt, let her slip it over his head and gave her a little kiss, had a gold cross medallion and they had Elvis' name engraved on the back side with the date.

Rebel With A Cause

" I believe Spirituality comes in many forms and affects people in different ways. We are all unique beings, therefore we interpret life events in our mind's eye by the manner in which we see and feel. Ultimately, Spirituality IS everything. We find ourselves drawn on life's path to unknown destinations from one day to the next. Some refer to this as Destiny.

There is no doubt that I personally was and am influenced Spiritually by Elvis. His spirit dwells within me, as he does in so many others. This is a part of the "unexplainable." It just IS. There's no mistake.

As I explained earlier Elvis was my mentor since I began performing while in my teenage years. This obviously is a Spiritual event in itself. I interpreted my first Elvis song on a stage at age 13. The song was "If I Can Dream." Coincidence? Or was it foretold?

No matter WHICH song I sang, fans always said that it sounded like an Elvis song. My tonality was very similar and I always sang in the same "Style." It was amusing for me to find out from some computer technicians, who by their own volition, decided to do a voice "sound wave" comparison between Elvis and myself. I was told that it registered at 93.7%! This is extremely close considering that they compare sound waves only. This is just another example of the unexplainable ways of Spirituality.

 I had left music for a number of years to pursue other interests, although the "Elvis Spiritual Influence" never left me. It was so strong in fact, that in the year 2000 I made an "unexpected" comeback. Or was it? Following 2 years of "fine tuning" I was somehow influenced Spiritually, all of a sudden, to compose an original song to honor Elvis. Another coincidence that it was the 25th Anniversary? "I Remember His First Love Song" (Ascap&Socan 2002) was released. I had NO expectation that it would be well-recieved world-wide! It is merely a simple ballad which came straight from the heart."

(For anyone who has not yet heard it you may download a sample from the Internet. Just type in "Billy Rebel sings I Remember His First Love Song"-Tribute To Elvis and it'll direct you to the relevant site-"ETribute.")

Warmest Regards to everyone, Billy Rebel


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